71 Brewing - Dundonian Pilsner (330ml, 4.4%)

71 Brewery

71Brewing was born out of the creative regeneration of Dundee. A once 'forgotten' city, Dundee is bursting back to life and their brewery reflects that new sense of purpose with its roots in good honest hard graft. As 'The 'Engineers of Beers' they combine the industrial precision the city was known for with its burgeoning reputation as Scotland's creative heartbeat. 71 built their 25hl brewhouse and 400hl of tank space in a restored former Ironworks, with a single goal - to craft world class lagers. Inspired by the great brewing traditions of central and Eastern Europe, they are breathing new life into this much maligned style and making something truly exceptional. 71 Lager, “our flagship pilsner is lager-beer at its finest.” Pilsen eat your heart out, the future is Dundonian Lager.

71 Lager (4.4%) - modelled on a Bohemian Pilsner using exclusively Czech hops, British pilsener malt and Dundee's super soft water to craft a flavoursome but clean, crisp and honest pilsner lager.

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