Dr Adam's House of Botanicals Old Tom Gin (70cl, 47%)

Dr Adam

A unique collaboration between two companies founded in Aberdeen, Dr. Adam Elmegirab’s Bitters & Botanicals Spirits, and WM. Cadenhead’s, one of Scotland’s oldest independent bottlers.

Est: 2009
Location: Aberdeen
Owner(s): Adam Elan-Elmegirab
Type: Old Tom Gin
Serving Suggestions: Dry Tonic Water with fresh lemon, Bitter Lemon with fresh orange, Ginger Ale with fresh orange, and cocktail recipes at the following link -> www.doctoradams.co.uk/house-of-botanicals-old-tom-gin-recipes.html
Known Botanicals: Juniper Berries (Italy), Angelica Root (China), Orris Root (Hungary), Coriander Seed (Spain), Orange Peel (Spain), Lemon Peel (Spain), Cassia Bark (Indonesia), Almond (USA), Saffron (Morocco), Chamomile Flowers (Morocco), Muscovado Sugar (Mauritius)
Tasting Notes:
"Colour: Golden yellow.
Nose: Floral notes, spice and juniper dominate with earthy elements also noticeable
Taste: The spice and juniper continue to shine alongside warming pine notes and hints of coriander, before leading into sherbet-y citrus and chamomile ahead of the finish
Finish: Long and fragrant, everlasting complex sweetness and spice"

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Type: Gin

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