Lone Wolf Vodka (70cl, 40%)

Lone Wolf

LoneWolf is built on firm foundations. On a singular truth - To put the craftmanship back into distilling. It's a simple premise but one they are ferociously passionate about. Truth runs through every drop of their spirits. Everything ties back to it. A far howl from the mass produced industrial spirits masquarading as craft. The brand was born from a desire to challenge the old and to test the new. And to tell their audience the truth.

LoneWolf Vodka is purity personified. Only filtered once, leaving the true character of the spirit intact. The devil's in the detail and so is the taste.

A crisp, smooth and self-assured vodka. Subtle sweet grain with vanilla is followed by just a hint of icing sugar. A velvety-smooth mouthfeel precedes a warming finish.

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Type: Vodka

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