Eden Mill - Hop (50cl, 46%)

Eden Mill

Hops, a core ingredient of beer, meet Eden Mill's distillery’s gin and the result is a zesty citrus and apricot aroma. Strong, at 46% abv, with a thick, heavy, rich finish when served as a Gin & Tonic. Because of a balance between floral, coriander and light hoppy notes, a soft tropical fruit follows with an undercurrent of juniper. Whether or not you are a gin connoisseur, this is truly a gin to savour. This leaves smooth, hoppy and fresh apricot notes balanced with a refreshing crisp bitterness. In essence, Hop gin leaves a ‘well rounded’ mouth feel that gently fades with a light hoppy character.

Est. – 2014, previously Eden Brewery 2012
Location – Guardbridge, St Andrews
Owner – Paul Miller
Known Botanicals – Juniper, Angelica, Coriander, Australian Galaxy Hops
Serving Suggestions – Tonic, lemon and ice.
Tasting Notes –

  • Nose: Hops, juniper berries. 
  • Taste: Smooth, hoppy, lemon bitterness, thick mouthfeel. 
  • Finish: Rich flavour which sweetens over time. 

Collections: Drink, Gin

Category: drink, edenmill, gin

Type: Gin

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