Four Pillars - Spiced Negroni (70cl, 43%)

Four Pillars

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin is a highly aromatic, rich and (yes) spicy gin with great power and intensity. First, we took our base botanicals and upped the amount of Tasmanian pepperberry leaf and cinnamon. Then we added an exotic West African spice called Grains of Paradise. This is one of the most unusual spices in the world, with clove and Szechuan characters.  But although very powerful, the spice tends to glow rather than become hot. 

We also decided to use beautiful organic blood oranges in the botanical basket, as well as some ginger.  These wonderfully fragrant fresh botanicals help lift the spice to another level. Finally, we opened up the plates to add weight and intensity to the gin.

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Type: Gin

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