Kintyre - Botanic Gin (70cl, 43%)

Beinn an Tuirc Distillers

Kintyre Gin is brand new to the market and it's come in with a demand somewhat similar to the fabled Harris Gin.

Direct from the Mull, this gin is sustainably produced using their very own renewable energy, powered from the small hydro-electric scheme at Torrisdale Castle Estate. The water is sourced from the hill from which they take their name. ‘Beinn an Tuirc’ translates from gaelic as ‘The Hill of the Wild Boar’ and is the highest point in Kintyre, located above their distillery building.

Est. - July 2017
LocationTorrisdale Estate, Carradale, Argyll
Owner - Beinn an Tuirc Distillers Ltd
Known Botanicals - Sheep Sorrel, Orris Root, Liquorice, Lemon Peel, Juniper, Icelandic Moss, Almonds, Cubeb Berries, Coriander, Cassia Bark, Orange Peel, Angelica Root.
Serving Suggestions - Mediterranean Fever Tree garnished with either Basil, citrus or mint depending on your palate.
Tasting Notes - Earthy and spicy characteristics, being deep in flavour, with a very pleasant floral aroma. A true taste of Kintyre!

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One of my faves. Recommend

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