Kirkjuvagr - Origin (70cl, 43%)


Kirkjuvagr (kirk-u-vaar) meaning ‘Church Bay’ is the Old Norse word for Orkney’s capital, Kirkwall, which is where this fine spirit originates, reflecting the boldness of Orkney's Norse ancestors, the clarity of their seas and the purity of their air, Kirkjuvagr is a hand-crafted gin for the modern, discerning gin enthusiast.

The Vegvisir (Viking compass) found emblazoned over the bottle cork may be an obvious ancestral acknowledgement if you’re any sort of history buff but what you may not know is according to legend, Angelica, Kirkjuvagr's key botanical was introduced to the island by Norsemen centuries ago.

Est. - August 2016
Location - Kirkwall, Orkney
Owners - Stephen and Aly Kemp
Known Botanicals - Angelica, Ramanas Rose, Burnet Rose, Borage, Orcadian Bere Barley.
Serving Suggestions - Pour over ice and mix with a premium tonic. A twist of orange peel accentuates the citrus notes of the distillation.
Tasting Notes
  • Nose: Fresh sea breeze with a sweetness reminiscent of sherbet, lemons and pine.  
  • Palate: Warm and sweet with a hint of spice.  
  • Finish: Floral, smooth and long finish.

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Type: Gin

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