Murmichan - Scottish Absinthe (50cl, 64%)

Lost Loch Distillery

Introducing Scotland’s first and only Absinthe
The Murmichan, a wicked Scots fairy and a fitting name for the first Scottish absinthe.
Murmichan is based on Swiss traditions discovered by our master distiller during his visit to Val de Travers, the birth place of absinthe. Murmichan is produced in a traditional manner using natural botanicals for both flavouring and colouring.
Lost Loch use a mixture of traditional and Scottish botanicals including grande wormwood, roman wormwood, green aniseed, fennel seed, hyssop, star anise, lemon balm, mint leaves, bramble leaves, lemon thyme and heather flower. They also distil Deeside heather, clover and willow herb honey giving our absinthe a unique taste and mouth feel.
Murmichan is crafted with water from the ancient Pannanich Wells in the Cairngorms. The Wells were first mentioned by the Knights Templar in 1245 as they travelled through the Deeside Valley. Famous for its healing properties the Wells were a favourite of Queen Victoria who wrote passionately about them in her Highland Journals.
Many whisky drinkers are familiar with cask strength whiskies, and understand that even at very high strengths a spirit only needs a small amount of cold water to be opened up and have its bold and complex flavors revealed. Murmichan is no different. If sweet and refreshing is not what the mood calls for, Murmichan does well sipped slowly like a whisky, where its full complexity can be appreciated and savored.
Absinthe is perhaps most popular in the modern era as a cocktail ingredient. Just a few drops can add a powerful and aromatic layer to a mixed drink. Classics such as the Sazerac or the Corpse Reviver #2 call for absinthe in this way. Drinks such as Death in The Afternoon or a tiki classic “Dr. Funk” use absinthe as a base spirit.

Est. - November 2017
Location – Aboyne, Deeside
Owner – Lost Loch Distillery
Known Botanicals - Grande Wormwood, Petite Wormwood, Hyssop, Star Anise, Fennel, Green Aniseed, Lemon Leaf, Mint, Blackberry Leaves, Heather Flower, Lemon Thyme & Deeside Honey.
Serving Suggestions - 2 parts water and a sprinkle of brown sugar. More cocktails to follow.
Tasting Notes –

  • Nose - aniseed and fennel dominate the aroma, but with the addition of just a few drops of cold water a vegetal and herbal complexity emerges. Lemon thyme and mint shine through supported by floral and earthy notes.
  • Taste - strong aniseed is dominant instantaneously but fades to a bright and citrusy fennel with a long bittersweet finish. The slick bitterness coats the tongue, but lacks astringency or harshness.

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