Rock Rose - Summer Edition (70cl, 41.5%)

Rock Rose

Distilled using ingredients from their gardens and rockery to give a different, seasonal taste to Rock Rose Gin.

Owner Martin says, 

"The challenge, set last year, was to make a citrus style gin using botanicals growing in the distillery gardens and with no peels! Lots of discussions and research took place with Hanna, our gardener, and she planted, harvested and dried the botanicals that have gone into our Summer Edition."

Est. - 2014
Location – 
Dunnet, Thurso
Owner – 
Martin and Claire Murray
Known Botanicals -   
lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, meadow sweet and elderflower.
Serving Suggestions – 
Tonic and lemon.
Tasting Notes - 

  • A citrusy summer gin with light herbal notes
  • The first taste is of citrus with the notes of dandelion
  • A crisp fresh, flavour with a long smooth finish
  • There is a lingering sweetness with tingles of mint and cardamom


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Category: drink, gin

Type: Gin

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