Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail (50cl, 40%)

Crafty Distillery

''Smoked Pineapple & Burnt Oranges come together to create our Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail. Made with a wheelbarrow load of fresh fruit in each batch, hand-smoked, torched, macerated, pressed and then distilled all these fresh flavours to create a big and complex heart to this cracker of a cocktail. It also includes the award-winning Hills & Harbour Gin to the base and some natural sweetness for balance.''

With grain to glass Hills & Harbour gin as the base, they use literally an overflowing wheelbarrow load of fresh fruit in every batch. This creates big flavours through pure distillation. Several days of process, many skills, techniques and craft achieves something truly special – the world’s first distilled cocktail. 0% Artificial ‘stuff’. 0% Nonsense. 100% Distilled.


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